Helpful Information About CUPPACOFFEECUPs


New Zealand Made

CUPPACOFFEECUP is designed, made and packaged in New Zealand.


What are CUPPACOFFEECUPs made of?

CUPPACOFFEECUPs are made from food-grade polypropylene and the lids are made from Elastomer. Both are BPA free.


Are CUPPACOFFEECUPs recyclable?

The fantastic thing about a CUPPACOFFEECUP is that both the cup and lid are fully recyclable at the end of their life.  Read below for further information on how.

Recycling can be a mind field of different information as dependent on where you live in New Zealand will depend on recycling capabilities as this is reliant on each individual Council.  Plastics are also graded with plastic resin identification codes numbered 1 through to 7 and this also causes confusion.

Plastics numbered 1, 2 and 5 are plastics that are easier to recycle.  We are happy to say that our cup is numbered 5 and therefore should be able to be recycled in your curbside rubbish bin.  However, our lids are a soft plastic which means it is numbered 4 and is possible to recycle.  Number 4 is generally a soft plastic which can be recycled by a specialist recycler.  However, if your local council does not provide recycling capabilities for number 4 plastics, we are pleased to say you can send your lid to us at Cuppacoffeecup and we will ensure these are returned to the manufacturer who will grind these down and make them into something new.  Happy days.

Lids return address is 28 Sylvia Road, St Heliers, Auckland 1071


Our Artists

CUPPACOFFEECUP proudly supports New Zealand and Australian artists who produce the striking imagery for our cups.  We also gratefully acknowledge their support of CUPPACOFFEECUP.  Please click Artists for more information.


Cup Sizes

CUPPACOFFEECUP comes in two sizes – 8oz and 12oz.  Both are industry standard sizes and are barista friendly.  They are also great for home use as they fit under most espresso machine heads.



CUPPACOFFEECUP can be customised with your brand, event, charity or image.  Please click Customisation for further details.



CUPPACOFFEECUP was designed with the look and feel of a disposable cup in mind, to make the transition to reusable easier. The warmth of the coffee is intended to be felt to enhance the coffee drinking experience. This means CUPPACOFFEECUP is perfect for espresso coffee and is not intended for hot beverages over 80 degrees Celsius as the CUPPACOFFEECUP may be hot to hold. A standard milk coffee is 60-70 degrees Celsius.  Hotter drinks will not impact the integrity of the cup.



Your CUPPACOFFEECUP is top-drawer dishwasher safe, however, regular dishwasher use can impact on the longevity of your design. We recommend hand washing as it is less abrasive which means the imagery on your CUPPACOFFEECUP will stay looking amazing for longer.

CUPPACOFFEECUP can be placed in the freezer and is microwave safe with the lid off.



Helpful Information About Our Water Bottles


What are our Water Bottles made of?

Our Water Bottles are Lead and BPA Free and made from Food Grade Stainless Steel.


Are our Water Bottles recyclable?

Regarding recycling your Water Bottle, just contact your local metal recycler.  However, if your local area does not have one, please just return your Water Bottle to us and we will recycle it for you.


Our Artists

JUST GREAT DESIGN proudly supports New Zealand artists who produce the striking imagery for our Water Bottles.  We also gratefully acknowledge their support of JUST GREAT DESIGN.  Please click Artists for more information.


Water Bottle size

Our Water Bottles are 500mls.


Care of your Water Bottle

We are sure you were drawn to our Water Bottles by the gorgeous artwork supplied by some great New Zealand artists.  So, to protect the longevity of the artwork on your Water Bottle, we say “Hand Washing Only”.