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New Zealand Made

CUPPACOFFEECUP is designed, made and packaged in New Zealand.

What are CUPPACOFFEECUPs made of?

CUPPACOFFEECUPs are made from food-grade polypropylene and are BPA free.

Are CUPPACOFFEECUPs recyclable?

The fantastic thing about CUPPACOFFEECUP is that both the cup and lid are fully recyclable at the end of their life.  Simply place the cup and lid in your recycling bin and they will be made into something else!

Our Artists

CUPPACOFFEECUP proudly supports New Zealand and Australian artists who produce the striking imagery for our cups.  We also gratefully acknowledge their support of CUPPACOFFEECUP.  Please click Artists for more information.

Cup Sizes

CUPPACOFFEECUP comes in two sizes – 8oz and 12oz.  Both are industry standard sizes and are barista friendly.  They are also great for home use as they fit under most espresso machine heads.


CUPPACOFFEECUP can be customised with your brand, event, charity or image.  Please click Customisation for further details.

Boiling Water and CUPPACOFFEECUP

CUPPACOFFEECUP was designed for espresso coffee.  The maximum temperature CUPPACOFFEECUP is intended for is 65 degrees celsius.  This means that it is not recommended for boiling liquids such as tea or long blacks.  We are working on those!


Your CUPPACOFFEECUP is top-drawer dishwasher safe.  However, we recommend hand washing as it is less abrasive which means the imagery on your CUPPACOFFEECUP will stay looking amazing for longer. CUPPACOFFEECUP can be placed in the freezer and is microwave safe with the lid off.